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      - Barking Dog Bakery and Feed is the result of Dian and Betsy’s shared passion for animals -

      We love dogs! And like us, most people increasingly see their dogs as deeply embedded “members of the family.” These “fur children” bring us unlimited joy and they love us unconditionally. As such, their health and well-being matters to us as it does for any other member of the family. We all learn in grade school that “you are what you eat” and that proven life lesson is just as true for our dogs as it is for our human family members.

      Dogs that eat well and enjoy the right dietary supplements and treats not only live much longer, but they live healthier, happier lives and have considerably lower vet bills.

      With that in mind, our passion and commitment is to provide the highest quality holistic feed and dietary supplements to promote the health, well-being and longevity of our dogs. In addition to providing a highly curated selection of all-natural and organic dog foods, we showcase a “ five-sensory” onsite bakery at each of our locations, featuring dog cookies, custom cakes and other specialty baked goods. Both our bakery items and our food are made with non-allergenic and easily digestible ingredients.

      Barking Dog Bakery and Feed is Atlanta’s premier holistic boutique retail destination for dogs and their owners, providing only the healthiest foods and treats, as well as the best supplements and accessory products that will enable your dog to thrive and live their best and longest life. Whether your choice is raw, freeze dried feed or kibble, we carry only the best, carefully curated brands at the best prices!  All of our prices are as good or better than Chewy's or Hollywood Feed, plus we have some products that they simply cannot access.
      Dian and Betsy’s shared passion for animals all started with their Dad, Dr. James Sokolowski, aka “Dr. Jim,” a leading Veterinarian who specialized in animal nutrition. Barking Dog Bakery and Feed's movement is inspired by their parents' life work and dedicated to Dr. Jim’s memory.

      "a portion of our profits will be donated each and every year to help place dogs without homes"... Dian & Betsy.